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About us

¡Hola!, hallo and hello!

We are Henrik and Konstantin Jessen, German brothers who grew up in Hamburg and are now living in Medellin. We like to call ourselves Hanseatic people with a tropical soul because after many journeys and studies in South America we have lost our heart to Colombia. It is a huge country, with an area as big as Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom together. It exudes a magic that is hard to resist with its great combination of the carpe-diem lifestyle of its people and the rich diversity of nature.

Juicebar … big time!

Mangoes, maracujas, guavas, bananas, melons, pineapples, coconuts and so on... In search of the perfect refreshment that is not too sweet, we came up with the idea of making delicious organic drinks from all of these tropical fruits. So in 2016, we finally founded D'cada in Medellín. We started very small and classic with a juice stand at a local market and grew from there: Today D'cada is not only available in many places in Colombia, but also in Spain and Germany.

D'Cada Tripack
Tastefully doing good

Our ingredients are completely organic, vegan and guaranteed free of genetic manipulation. With every bottle you drink, you will be helping small farmers in Colombia, as we collect 100 Colombian pesos for each bottle in our D'cada Social Fund. With this money, we support the farmers so they can put their own projects into effect and convert their crops completely to organic agriculture. The fruits for D'cada are currently grown by around 750 farming families certified with the European organic seal. And more of them are entering our project every day!

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Round and round with Circular Economy

The philosophy behind D'cada is that of a circular economy focused on the responsible use of natural resources and the common good. When all actors start taking complete responsibility for the impact their businesses have, from the sowing of ingredients to the welfare of everyone involved in the process to the final disposal of the residues, our world will be a better place. In this, we are supported by the United Nations that invited us to be part of the initiative "Business Call To Action". We want to be a role model on our path and tastefully do something good – and we invite you to be a part of it.

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